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I recently had reason to want to look up some of my past likes on my Instagram account. Turns out, it’s not that easy.

With Instagram’s rebranding earlier this year, they also took the opportunity to disable several handy features in their API, one of them being the ability to export IG posts you like to a different platform. Previously, all you had to do was hook up an IFTTT (if-this-then-that) account to your Instagram and, say, Evernote, to have all your likes automagically saved to your Evernote. Now, no more.

I can sort of see the thinking behind that - if I like someone else’s post, I don’t own that image so I don’t necessarily have the rights to “download” it. However, there are legitimate use cases for this including if I wanted an automated way to bookmark these images for later reference.

The method I’ve outlined below is still not fully automated, but it is better than individually bookmarking each liked post.

The ingredients

  1. An Instagram account, of course
  2. A Twitter account you’ve created just for this purpose (don’t use your main one!)
  3. An IFTTT account

The process

What your IFTTT recipe summary looks like:

What the ‘action’ part of your IFTTT recipe summary looks like:

Obviously, this is not a fully automated process and cannot be used to get a full backup of your Instagram likes, but this will help you catalog specific IG posts for future reference.

Feel free to comment below if you’ve found a better or different method to do the same thing.

Arti Annaswamy

Arti Annaswamy

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